The idea to develop KB TAG is based on our own training needs with kettlebell in FitFactory Třinec.
The more our personal experience with kettlebell workout, as well as our clients' training experience, has deepened,
the more we felt the need to optimize the weight we work with.
This is how KB TAG was born - weights that you simply place on the kettlebell and exercise as you are accustomed to.

At the end of 2020 a NEW EDITION OF KB TAG was launched on the market with even stronger support magnets for a higher degree of adhesion. The strength of one magnet is now 30 kg.

In 2021, based on the interest of our clients training with the competition bell, we are expanding our offer with a KB TAG COMPETITION weighing 2000 g. This KB TAG counts on an opening at the bottom of the competition bell.

KB TAG, that is:
Load optimization during training
Saving money and space (You don't have to have all the kettlebell weights. KB TAG will serve as an intermediate step between weights.)
Exercise comfort (It is no longer necessary to mount the "creative" extra load on the kettlebell if necessary.)
It retains all the properties of kettlebell as far as possible
Usability for both power and dynamic exercises, eg. TGU and swings
KB TAG types